How to Reduce Body Weight Fast Without Dieting?

Fasting seems like a punishment to everyone and increasing body weight is a tension. Nobody can stay cheerful without having food but increasing weight can cause obesity which isn’t good for health. So, everybody wants to stay fit without giving up their food habit.

Body weight is a problem for everyone. It gives a lot of trouble in our daily life. An overweight person can’t move freely and not fit in any fashionable dress. It gives them having a low personality feeling. At the same time having control over the food habit is very difficult task. So, if there is a way to reduce the body weight, it will be divine for those persons having obesity problem. So, there should be several ways to reduce body weight without dieting.

By Motivation

First you should set your mind that you are going to bring a change in your body shape. The weight is not going to fall magically while you are not dieting. But you should have to give some different effort in this weight issue. So, be confident first that you are going to decrease your weight without missing your favourite foods. No dieting can create problem in your effort of losing weight. But maintain a good life habits and proper exercise can help to reduce your weight. So, first keep in mind that you are going to have your regular food but take proper care of your habits. It should be well maintained and there is no lack of concentration in it.

Reduce weight

Proper exercise

You are not dieting so you need to put extra effort in your exercise. Without exercise it is next to impossible to lose your weight. That’s why proper exercise is very much important. If you are not going to gym regularly then you can create a habit of morning walk and jogging. It will help to burn the calories.

By getting more active

Being sluggish can create a delay to your weight loss process. So, along with exercise you should be more active than your regular routine. Activeness can help you to lose your weight more easily. When you are entering into your office you should avoid lifts and try to go though the stairs. You should give up a sedentary lifestyle and pick a normal and healthy one. While returning from office prefer to walk to some extend and avoid hiring a cab. In the leisure time stop keep sitting in the chair. Get up and move around for few minutes.

Proper food

You are not dieting but it doesn’t mean that you can have any kind of food. Dieting can’t be a solution for weight loss but it makes the process slower. While you are not having food properly your body will reduce the calorie burning because it doesn’t know when it will get food next time. So keep eating after a certain time or periodically so that you can take your food properly but good food with less fat and keep vegetables in daily food menu.

Tips for Oral Hygiene and Dental Health

Whenever we go to the dentist he insists for regular brushing and flossing of the teeth. Whenever we eat the tiny food particles stick to the teeth and gums and remain there for a long time. As a result the particles start to decay facilitating bacteria buildup. This will lead to various diseases of gums and teeth. It is ideal to brush the teeth after every meal. In case it is not possible, the teeth are to be brushed for 15 – 20 minutes in the morning and at night before we go to bed.

Important tips to maintain oral hygiene

  • Brush the teeth twice a day
  • Daily rinse your mouth with a good quality mouth wash
  • Use toothpaste that contains fluoride
  • Floss the teeth daily
  • Get your teeth cleansed by the dentist once in every 6 months

How to control tartar?

In spite of regular brushing and flossing, there will be bacteria in our mouth. The bacteria unite with the various food particles and form a film that sticks to the teeth. This film is called dental plaque. If the plaque is allowed to remain on the teeth for a long period it becomes hard.

oral health

The hardened dental plaque is known as tartar. Regular brushing and flossing of teeth and gums prevent tartar buildup. Tooth decay can be prevented by daily removing the dental plaque. When there is a tartar buildup on the teeth one must go to the dentist to remove the same and cleanse the teeth. The tartar buildup makes brushing and flossing very difficult and as a result tooth will decay and also there will be cavity formation. Tartar can damage the gum and cause progressive gum disease. The early stage of gum disease is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis can be cured by daily brushing as well as flossing and regular cleansing of teeth by dentist. Those who smoke or chew tobacco will get tartar on their teeth very easily.

Treatment for toothache

Rinsing the mouth with warm water, flossing the teeth and taking pain reliever pills are the remedies for toothache. If there is swelling, pus formation and fever, the problem may be serious. The patient should immediately meet the dentist and undergo necessary treatment.

Treatment for cavities

Cavities are small holes on the teeth that are formed due to dental plaque buildup. The enamel of the tooth is destroyed by the plaque. Regular brushing using fluoride toothpaste, daily flossing and regular cleansing of teeth by the dentist can prevent formation of cavities. The dentist will also advise to use fluoride rinse or sealant.

Food for good dental health

It is essential to drink plenty of water daily to maintain good dental health. The regular diet should include whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, peas, legumes, fish, egg and dairy foods that are free of fats. One should reduce number of snacks and also choose healthy snacks like cheese, fruits and vegetables. It is better to have more number of meals and less number of snacks. While taking meals more saliva is secreted thereby weakening the acids that affect the teeth and form cavities.

In order to ensure good dental health one must avoid refined sugar, partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrup with high fructose content, artificial sweeteners, colored food and chemical food preservatives. Al these food items help to increase the acid level in the body thereby facilitating more bacteria buildup that leads to inflammation.